airbnb cleaning service


  • Offer a different kind of services to families and professionals
  • Deliver high quality and consistent services
  • Use environmentall friendly cleaning products
  • Provide stable jobs with resonable wages
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer

How the Story Goes...

Back in 2014 I was traveling South East Asia and Europe for 6 months trying to “Eat, Pray, Love” my way through life. At the end of my journey, I decided to come back home to the United States and work on a travel app.

Instead of going home to Houston, I went to Austin and bounced around Airbnbs trying to meet the right people to help launch this travel app idea. I stayed at one Airbnb that I was impressed by, it was a 4 bedroom home and the owner would rent out each room. You would have your own key and when you entered, it looked like a little hotel room with a little tv, the bed made perfectly, a sheet on the bed with the wifi, instructions and local things to do and a mint on the pillow.

I thought it was wonderful! I dreamed of one day buying a house and doing the same thing so that I can continue to travel the world and have a home to come back to. Then I thought… who would take care of my house for me? At the time I searched online to see if there were any cleaning companies that did short term rental cleanings, a company that I can trust to get into my house and make sure everything is taken care of for me to feel secure with having “strangers” in my home and for my guests to feel comfortable and have everything they needed as well. I imagined this cleaning company to do a little more than just cleaning, a professional, sophisticated company that can streamline the turnover cleaning process.

I did the search and nothing came up, I bought a domain name for my business idea and never did anything with it for a whole year. A year later I searched again and still no cleaning services for Airbnb. So I decided to build a website in a weekend and put a post out to see if anyone was interested in my cleaning service. I got my first 2 clients that same week and that was just the beginning.

Years later, I married Vasil and he immediately started taking over the operations of the company so that it would be easier for us to take on more vacation rentals. Skip to 2020, we have remarkable cleaning teams in several cities and always looking to building stronger teams in more cities.

Now we run Hostkeyper the same way the idea was built on, caring for each space as if it were ours. Quality and consistency is our KEY!

This is our story,

HCIC (Head cleaner in charge)